Eugene C. Lamkin, Jr., CMSgt USAF (Ret)

This shot was taken in the Spring of 1950. My partner and I were all "duded" up for the "Spring Tea" at the Officer's Club. All the Newfoundland dignitaries, i.e. Premier Smallwood, St. John's Mayor Mews, etc. were coming through the gate to attend the "tea" given by B. Gen Whitten, Newfoundland Base Command, Commanding Officer. The Korean War was about to commence in June.

Our uniforms consisted of the Army OD uniform wear with white hat band, white shoulder aguilette, white gloves, and white leggins (spats). We would not be issued the blue uniform until late 1950 and then some items were not issued because they were on back order. We still wore the Army stripes with Army uniforms but Air Force stripes with the new blues.

After Military Police School (the Air Force did not have an Air Police School at the time) I was assigned to NBC and had no Idea where it was. I shipped out of Camp Kilmer to Westover where we boarded an aircraft only to have them abort takeoff until a C-54 finally lifted off and landed in Argentia. At that time It was known as Argentia Naval Station and McAndrews AFB. The next day we were bused to Pepperrell over an unpaved road while some of the troops remained behind to travel on to Goose or one of the three weather stations we had in Greenland. (E.C.L.)

Military Police School, Camp Gordon, Georgia 1949; 6600 Air Police Squadron, Pepperrell AFB, St. John's, Newfoundland (Oct)1949-(Dec)1951; Offutt AFB, Nebraska 1966-1969 and 1970 to 1975 with SAC I.G.

After 31 years in the Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces Career Field, Gene retired. He and his wife, a native of Newfoundland, are living in New Jersey in 2007.

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