Denville Trent, KY, and J. T. Pace (deceased), Greenville, SC

Denville Trent, a bus driver from the motor pool, and Jim Davis

Bob Church - Crypto Operator

Jim Davis playing for the home team when they met the 640th AC&W Squadron from Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Newfoundland in the 64th Air Division Softball Tournament (1955). He was a 22 year old 6'2" first baseman.

Friends and Co-Workers at the entrance to the Pepperrell PX

Hinjosa - Mackey - Bowers - Church - Wade - Brewer - Sebenoler

Unknown S/Sgt and Ed Bartley (in civvies)

Unknown S/SGT. 64th Air Division (Defense) White Hills orderly room in 1955

Bob Church, J.T. Pace, Melvin Mittlesteadt, and Henry Hakius. All lived in the same barracks as Jim Davis in the White Hills in February 1955. Middlesteadt went on to Goose Bay, Labrador.

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