This photo of the USNS Private Elden H. Johnson is believed to have been taken about 1953. Airmen James B. Davis, John T. Lane, Robert Lazo, and Donald L. Sismilich traveled from New York to Newfoundland aboard her that year. They were among the thousands of troops she transported.

This ship was commissioned the USS Pinkney during WWII and went to the South Pacific where she primarily moved troops and evacuated the wounded. She was severely damaged and suffered many casualties earning four Battle Stars. After the war she was taken over by the MSTS and renamed USNS Private Elden H. Johnson. She was an Atlantic transport until retired from active service in the late 1950s.

Don Sismilitch and John Lane aboard ship

This is the Assignment Card and Meal Ticket used by Jim aboard ship on his way to Newfoundland.

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