Here is a picture of me, Marvin Cook, in Vietnam in October 1968.

Here is a picture of me receiving the Air Medal from Col. Rady, Nha Trang, Vietnam, 1968.

This was my 83rd and last mission in Vietnam ... landed at Phu Khat, Vietnam in September 1969 ... getting soaking wet and given a bottle of Champagne. The Champagne was drank right there.

The plane is an old C-47. We used special equipment on the inside (some crypto). They called it an EC47. Had an antenna from the tail of the aircraft to the fuselage. Everything about the plane was TOP SECRET. It was guarded on the ground and the personnel who performed the maintenance had to have a top secret clearance. Really quite interesting and never a dull moment.

This picture was taken after receiving the Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal at Kelly AFB.

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