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(Photo contributed by Hugo Lorenzen)

Base Commander, First Sergeants, and Sergeant Majors - Offutt - 1962

Top Row - Left to Right

M/Sgt Wallace, 702 Air Force Band; M/Sgt Hale, Sergeant Major, 4321 Strategic Missile Wing; CM/Sgt Stone, 544 Reconnaissance Technical Group; M/Sgt Sleeth, 3902nd Operations Squadron; M/Sgt Bagan, 3902 Supply Squadron; M/Sgt Lorenzen, Sergeant Major, 1st Communications Group; M/Sgt Team, 3902 Organizational Maintenance Squadron; M/Sgt Cook, 30th Communications Squadron; SM/Sgt Brake, Headquarters Squadron Section, 3902 Air Base Wing; SM/Sgt Cash, 865th Medical Group

Center Row - Left to Right

M/Sgt Kline, 34 Air Refueling Squadron; M/Sgt Federoff, 1911 Communications Squadron (AFCS); M/Sgt Petty, 3rd Weather (MATS); Colonel Elkins Read, Jr., BASE COMMANDER; M/Sgt Epstein, 31 Communications Squadron; M/Sgt Barnett, WAF Squadron Section, Headquarters 3902 Air Base Wing; M/Sgt Rowland, 3902 Food Service Squadron

Bottom Row - Left to Right

M/Sgt Burkepile, 549 Strategic Missile Squadron; M/Sgt Chylinski, 3902 Field Maintenance Squadron; CM/Sgt Treace, 3902 Support Squadron; SM/Sgt Mott, 3902 Transportation Squadron; SM/Sgt Carroll, 3902 Combat Defense Squadron; M/Sgt McClurg, Base Personnel Sergeant Major, 3902 Air Base Wing; CM/Sgt Kremer, Base Sergeant Major; M/Sgt Morgan, 3902 Civil Engineering Squadron

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