The following photos and comments are courtesy of Tom Dean (USAF Ret.) who was at Offutt AFB and in the 30th Comm 1950-1952 where he worked as a crypto operator.

This picture was taken on the parade ground at Offutt AFB in early 1950 - I was a PFC and the uniform was the old Army type issue. I think we were issued our first blues in 1951.

This picture was taken in front of the barracks/orderly room; also in early 1950. I had probably just gotten off work. I was 18 years old at the time ...

The fellow on the right is James Jenkins from Memphis, TN. The guy on the left is Dave Gartier (spelling suspect). I was an usher at Dave's wedding in 1952 but was lost and never found the reception location. Same thing happened to Edward Brock of Council Bluffs who was also a member of the 30th Comm.

This is a photo of the Offutt hi-flying Flyers softball team - 1951

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