Most of these men were with the 30th Communications Squadron and stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska from the late 1940s and early 1950s. Some came later. Many served with the unit more than once.

These photographs were all taken at reunions. Individuals appearing here are: Grady Ayres, Allen Barningham, Randolph Becton, Robert Bell, William Benson, Melvin Boecklen, Henry Brame, Ray Broussard, Paul Brow, Everett Chastain, Norman Clevenstine, William Condon, Marvin Cook, Wilbur DePauw, William Dougherty, James Fairley, Dale Feenstra, Donovan Flatgard, Joseph Gervais, Norman Grant, Richard Greenlees, Daniel Harshman, Robert Howard, John Hunt, Ivan Hull, Mayo Iverson, Al Kolakowski, Maynard Krzycki, John LaHiff, Lawrence Lasage, Melvin Long, Leslie Magee, Denzil McCollum, Richard McLaughlin, Eugene Meyer, Ardell Mileti, Orren Olson, Roy Peterson, Jack Ridderman, Robert Schoon, Rodney Sentman(Deceased 12/7/2014), Vernon Sharrett, Clarence Shillings, William Thomas, Walter Truax, Gordon Tye, and Albert Wheat.

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