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Many of these photographs were taken in the vicinity of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, in 1957 and 1958. The quality of those is not all one could want as the images are from very old 35mm color slides taken with an Argus C3 camera.

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Pepperrell AFB is in the foreground. Beyond the base and under snow cover is Quidi Vidi Lake. The white horizontal strip beyond the lake and to the left of the hill is ice on the Atlantic Ocean.

Pepperrell AFB is in the foreground. Just beyond the base is Quidi Vidi Lake. The blue to the left of the hill is the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the family housing area of Pepperrell AFB which was located on the east end of the base. The Atlantic Ocean is just over the hills in the background.

The fog often crept into Pepperrell AFB from over the Atlantic Ocean as seen here.

On parade at Pepperrell AFB

A Canadian dignitary visits Pepperrell? Note the flag staff on the limo.

Princess Elizabeth visits Newfoundland. This visit was in 1951. The Honor Guard are members of the 6200th Air Police Squadron. The escort officer to her right is Captain Harold Zimmerman, Commander, 6200 Air Police Squadron. The color guard consisting of four airmen includes S/Sgt James Delaney, Sgt. Ben Nolan, and Sgt. Don Missimer. (Photograph by Dunlap) (USAF personnel identified by Eugene C. Lamkin, Jr. CMSgt USAF Ret.)

Pepperrell main base viewed from its White Hills area

A close up view of Cabot Tower

Fort Amherst lighthouse stands lonely sentinel over the entrance to St. John's Harbor

St. John's harbor as seen from aboard a ship which has just come through the narrows from the Atlantic Ocean and is entering the bay.

St John's harbor viewed from the south side.

The wharf area along the north side of St. John's harbor

Winter and there's snow in the harbor at St. John's.

Heavy ice and snow covers the waters of St. John's harbor area

The Lindy C. Barbour is at anchor in St. John's harbor to the right foreground in this photo

Seal flipper pie for the table. Vendors in the wharf area selling flippers from wheelbarrows in times before the sealing industry controversy.

This view to the west shows children playing bingo on Gower St. near downtown St. John's.

Looking to the east on Water St.

The Nickel Theatre located on Military Road was a historic Newfoundland landmark. It is said to have been St. John's first full time movie house - admission only five cents.

Frost's Restaurant and an adjacent theater located on either Military or Harvey Road

Myrlene Wheat aboard a Russian ship anchored in St. John's Harbor

Myrlene Wheat in Captain Gavalano's hat and coat aboard the Spanish fishing vessel, Santa Paula, in port at St. John's

A Newfoundland wedding. Left to right; Myrlene Wheat (USA), bridesmaid; Ruth Payne (Brigus), bride and Sandra MacFarlane (St. John's) bridesmaid.

Ladies hard at work! Left, Sandra MacFarlane (St. John's) and right, Myrlene Wheat (USA). Crazy advertising people at Steers Limited posing as visitors from outer space. They sat in the window and drew cartoons of the the Newfoundlanders looking in.

... and a Yank is summoned by the Constabulary

This is Beachy Cove. The vessel plying the waters of Conception Bay in the distance is a ferry between Bell Island and Portugal Cove.

Red Cliff Air Force Station, 642nd ACW Squadron, located just north of St John's and Pepperrell AFB. Immediately behind the base is a sheer drop into the wild North Atlantic. (Photo contributed by Wayne Setzer who served at Red Cliff)

The Atlantic Ocean viewed from Red Cliff Air Force Station. Note the iceberg off the point near the center of photo. (Another photo by Wayne Setzer)

Torbay Village faces the North Atlantic a few miles up the coast from St. John's.

Torbay Village where large waves can crash upon the shore even on bright calm days.

I bought this horizon blue Volkswagen with baby blue license plates new in St.John's in 1957 for the princely sum of $1200 U.S. funds. The photo was taken at the trailer court located off Torbay Road near the airport, the court being occupied by USAF personnel.

Myrlene and Al Wheat preparing to board a narrow gauge rail train affectionately dubbed the "Bullet" and depart St. John's in 1958. This train carried passengers more than 500 miles across the island to Port Aux Basques.

Our last glimpse of Newfoundland before boarding the ferry in near darkness at Port Aux Basques for the trip to North Sydney, Nova Scotia, some 90 miles across the Gulf of St. Lawrence, from where we drove back to the U.S.

The ferry, Burgeo, rides at anchor in the gathering darkness, waiting to carry us back to mainland Canada.We never expected to return to Newfoundland, but we did again, and again, and again.

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