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This series of photos shows the St. John's area as it appeared in the summer of 1955 when I first arrived there.

The old Newfoundland Hotel

Baly Haly Golf Course with Pepperrell Air Force Base and the Atlantic Ocean in the background

Logy Bay location near St. John's

Gander Airport where 256 members of the United States Army's Screaming Eagles would die in an air crash shortly after takeoff in 1985.

St. John's before its days of tall buildings and suburbs. The tall structure with twin towers, top center, is the Basilica of St. John The Baptist.

Cabot Tower, construction began in 1897 in memory of John Cabot who landed on the shores of Newfoundland in 1497

Statue, The Fighting Newfoundlander, erected in Bowring Park to honor Newfoundland soldiers of World War One

Statue, Peter Pan erected in Bowring Park

My barracks in the White Hills area of Pepperrell Air Force Base

Relaxing in the two-man room of my barracks anticipating the arrival of my spouse and the move to a rented apartment in St. John's

The following series of photos is of the St. John's area as it appears today.

April snow storm - 2001 - Note the mail box almost hidden in the snow and the top of a house behind the snow bank (A Diane Sparkes Seary photo)

After the storm (A Diane Sparkes Seary photo)

After the storm (A Diane Sparkes Seary photo)

Yard art typical of that found around the bay

A modern cruise ship negotiating the St. John's harbor entrance (A Kay Powers photo)

Cathedral rocks somewhere in Newfoundland coastal waters (A Mardi Long Bastow photo)

This street along St. John's harbor and parallel anchorage were constructed after most USAF Personnel left Newfoundland (A Mardi Long Bastow photo)

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