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Army Air Bases and Air Force Bases

(Continental US through 1957)

Individual units shown with each base were in place as of 1957


- Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile (129,009), Hq. AMA, AMC. Foreign Clearing Station, MATS

- Craig Air Force Base, Selma (30,000), Jet Qualification Course, Basic Instructor School FTAF Supervisors School, ATC

- Gunter Air Force Base, Montgomery (149,000), School of Aviation medicine, Gunter Branch, AU

- Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery (149,000), Air Command and Staff College, Hq. Air University War College, Hq. AFROTC, 3800th Air Base Wing


- Davis/Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson (55,000), Medium Bomber Base,15th AF, SAC

- Luke Air Force Base, Glendale, Combat Crew Training Base.

- Marana Air Base, Tucson (180,000), Primary Pilot Training School, ATC

- Yuma County Airport, Yuma (20,000), 4750th Air Defense Wing, ADC

- Williams Air Force Base, Chandler (7,500), Combat Crew Training Base ATC


- Blytheville Air Force Base, Blytheville (16,000), Light Bomber Base, TAC

- Little Rock Air Force Base, Little Rock, SAC 2nd AF


- Beale Air Force Base, Marysville (7,816), Aviation Engineers 4th AF, CONAC

- Castle Air Force Base, Merced (20,000), Heavy Bomber Base, 15th AF, SAC

- Edwards Air Force Base, Edwards, Air Force Flight Test Center, ARDC

- Fairfield/Suisan Air Force Base, Fairfield

- George Air Force Base, Victorville (3,241), Fighter Base, 9th AF, TAC

- Hamilton Air Force Base, San Rafael (13,848), Hq. JWADF, CONAD. Hq. 4th AF, Hq. 28th Air Div., Air Rescue Base

- Long Beach Air Force Base, (Long Beach Municipal Airport) Long Beach, 2347th Air Reserve Flying Center, 4th AF CONAC

- March Air Force Base, Riverside (60,000), Hq 15th AF SAC

- McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento (155,000), Hq. AMA, AMC Hq. 8th Air Division, ADC

- Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento (155,000), Observer School, ATC

- Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino (83,145), Hq. AMA, AMC

- Oxnard Air Force Base, Oxnard, Special Activities Base, ADC

- Parks Air Force Base, Pleasanton (2,700), Basic Training Base, Air Base Defense School, USAF Hospital, Overseas Replacement Depot, TTAF, ATC

- Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield (5,931), Long Range Bombardment Base. 15th AF, SAC. Foreign Clearing Base MATS


- Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs (45,472), Hq. ADC

- Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Flexible Gunnery, Armament, Photographic,Fire Fighting and Air Rescue Instructor Training, Pilotless Aircraft Fundamentals Schools. ATC

- Peterson Field, Colorado Springs (45,472), Administrative Flying, ADC. This base is part of Ent AFB.


- Dover Air Force Base, Dover (6,097), MATS Transport, ADC Fighter Units

District of Columbia

- Bolling Air Force Base, Washington (853,000), HEDCOM USAF


- Eglin Air Force Base, Valpariso (2,632), Hq. Air Proving Ground Command

- Graham Air Base, Marianna, Pilot Training Group (Contract Primary) ATC

- Homestead Air Force Base, Homestead (10,000), Medium Bomber Base, SAC

- Hurlbut Field, Fort Walton (8,000), Tactical Bombardment, TAC

- MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Medium Bomber Base, 2nd AF, SAC

- Miami Air Reserve Flying Center, Miami (249,276), (Home of the Flamingo Wing) 14th AF, CONAC

- Orlando Air Force Base, Orlando (65,000), Air Photographic and Charting Service, MATS; Hq. ARS, Hq. Flight Service, 1816 AACS Gp, 17th Tactical Missile Sq. TAC

- Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa (4,245), Hq. Air Force Missile Test Center, ARDC

- Pinecastle Air Force Base, Orlando (85,000), Medium Bomber Base,813th Air Division, 321st and 19th Bomb Wings, 2nd AF, SAC

- Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City (33,000), All-weather School and Interceptor Training, ATC

- Palm Beach Air Force Base, West Palm Beach (43,162), Transport Base, MATS


- Chatham Air Force Base, Savannah

- Dobbins Air Force Base, Marietta (20,687), Reserve Training Base,CONAC, 14th AF

- Hunter Air Force Base, Savannah (119,638), Medium Bomber Base,2nd AF, SAC

- Lawson Air Force Base, Columbia, Troop Carrier Base, TAC

- Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta (32,500), Interceptor Aircrew Training Base, ATC. Combat Crew Training Interceptor Base; Home of USAF Instrument Pilot Instructor's School

- Robbins Air Force Base, Macon (70,252), Hq. AMA, AMC

- Spence Air Force Base, Moultrie (16,000), USAF Contract Primary ATC

- Turner Air Force Base>, Albany (40,000), Fighter Base, 2nd AF, SAC


- Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home (3,084), Fighter Range, WADF, ADC. 9th Bombardment Wing


- Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul (7,500), Aircraft Maintenance, Weather,and Crafts & Trades School, ATC

- O'Hare International Airport, Park Ridge (16,602), Fighter Base, EADF, ADC

Scott Air Force Base, Belleville (32,721) Hq. ATC, Communications School, Personnel Training School, Career Guidance School


- Bakalar Air Force Base, Columbus (22,000), Reserve Training, 434th .TCW

- Bunker Hill Air Force Base, Peru (15,000), 323 FBW of TAC 9th AF


- Fairfax Air Force Base, Kansas City

- Forbes Air Force Base, Topeka (100,000), Strategic Recon Base,8th AF, SAC

- McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita (260,000), Crew Training Base, ATC

- Sherman Air Force Base, Fort Leavenworth

- Smoky Hill Air Force Base, Salina (33,000), Bombing Range, 8th AF, SAC


- Campbell Air Force Base, Hopkinsville (24,000), Special Activities Center,8th AF, SAC

- Godman Air Force Base, Fort Knox

- Standiford Field, Louisville (500,000), ANG Base 123rd Fighter-Interceptor Wg. ANG


- Alexandria Air Force Base, Alexandria (34,913), Fighter-bomber base,9th AF, TAC (originally Alexandria Army Air Base)

- Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport (127,206), Med. Bombardment Base,Hq. 4th Air Div. and 2nd AF, SAC

- England Air Force Base, Alexandria, Louisiana, TAC (Previously Alexandria Air Force Base)

- Lake Charles Air Force Base, Lake Charles (60,000), Medium Bomber Base, SAC


Dow Air Force Base, Bangor (30,000), 4060th Air Refueling Wing

Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Heavy Bomber Base, 8th AF, SAC

Presque Isle Air Force Base, Presque Isle, Fighter-Interceptor Base,EADF, ADC


- Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs (24,624), Hq. MATS


- Lawrence G. Hanscomb Field, Bedford (5,234), Electronics and Geophysics Research, ARDC. Fighter Base, EADF, ADC; Reserve Flying Center, CONAC

- Westover Air Force Base, Chicopee Falls (50,400), Hq. of SAC 8th AF.  Tactical Unit 4050th Air Refueling Wing.  Tenant organizations include two Air Defense Command Fighter Sqds.and an Air Rescue Unit.

- Otis Air Force Base, Falmouth (5,000), Fighter Interceptor Base, ADC


- Kinross Air Force Base, Sault St. Marie (20,000), 507th Ftr. Gp., AD (Originally named Kinross Auxillary Air Field - last named Kincheloe AFB - Inactivated 1977)

- K. I. Sawyer Airport, Gwinn (1,000), ADC

- Oscoda Air Force Base, Oscoda

- Selfridge Air Force Base, Mt. Clements (20,128), Fighter Base, EADF,ADC, 4708th AD Wg. ADC & Hq. 10th AF, CONAC

- Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Oscoda, Fighter Base, EADF, ADC


- Duluth Municipal Airport, Duluth (105,000), 343rd Fighter Group (AD) CADF, ADC

- Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, Minneapolis (521,718),475th Fighter Group and 31st Air Division Hq.


- Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus (17,172), 3301st Pilot Training Sq (Contract Primary) ATC

- Greenville Air Force Base, Greenville (37,754), Basic Single Engine Training School, ATC

- Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi (37,425) Electronics, Communications Radar, Radio, Air Traffic Control, and Administrative Schools, ATC


- Grandview Air Force Base, Grandview (4,000), ADC

- Whiteman Air Force Base, Sedalia, 8th AF, SAC


- Great Falls Air Force Base, Great Falls

- Malstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls (50,000), Strategic Fighter Base SAC


- Florence Air Station, Omaha, 789th AC&W, ADC

- Kearney Air Force Base, Kearney

- Lincoln Air Force Base, Lincoln (104,000), SAC

- McCook Army Air Base, McCook, Heavy Bomber Crew Training,( World War Two)

- Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha (251,117)



- Indian Springs Air Force Base, Indian Springs (17,000), Special Weapons Center, ARDC. Restricted Base

- Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas (47,812), Combat Training for Fighter Jet Pilots, ATC

- Stead Air Force Base, Reno (40,000), Advanced Survival Training, ATC

New Hampshire

- Grenier Air Force Base, Manchester (82,732), Air Reserve Flying Center, CONAC

- Portsmouth Air Force Base, Portsmouth (20,000), Strategic Air Command, 817th Air Division

New Jersey

- McGuire Air Force Base, Trenton, East Coast Aerial Port of Embarkation and Debarkation, 4709th AD Wing

New Mexico

- Clovis Air Force Base, Clovis (24,000), 312th FBW, 9th AF, TAC

- Holloman Air Force Base, Alamogordo

- Holloman Air Development Center (14,500) Alamogordo, ARDC

- Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque (172,000), Hq. AF Special Weapons Center, ARDC

- Walker Air Force Base, Roswell (35,000), Medium and Heavy Bomber Base, 15th AF, SAC

New York

- Floyd Bennett NAS, Brooklyn (1,451,227) Reserve Training Center 1st AF, CONAC, joint use with Navy

- Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome (47,700), Rome Air Force Depot, AMC, Rome Air Development Center ARDC

- Mitchell Air Force Base, Hempstead, L. I. (23,135), Hq. CONAC and Hq. 1st AF

- Niagara Falls Municipal Airport, Niagara Falls (90,782), Fighter Base EADF,ADC 15th Fighter Gp. Hq. 2256th Air Reserve Flying Center CONAC

- Plattsburgh Air Force Base, Plattsburgh (17,300), Strategic Bombing Base, SAC

- Sampson Air Force Base, Geneva, Seneca County, NY - basic training.

- Stewart Air Force Base, Newburg (31,956), Hq. EADF, ADC - Fighter-Interceptor Base

- Suffolk County Air Force Base, Westhampton Beach, L.I. (1,087) Fighter Base, EADF, ADC

North Carolina

- Pope Air Force Base, Fort Bragg (50,000)

(Tactical Air Command)

464th Troop Carrier Wing (M) TAC

- Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base, Goldsboro (30,000), 9th AF, TAC


- Clinton County Air Force Base, Wilmington (9,000), 2252nd Air Reserve Flying Center, First Air Force, CONAC, Reserve Ground Training,Navigational Training

- Lockbourne Air Force Base, Columbus, Strategic Reconnaissance Base,8th AF, SAC

- Wright/Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton (243,872), Hq.: AMC, WADF, USAF Institute of Technology and Fighter Interceptor Sqd.

- Youngstown Municipal Airport, Warren (48,856) Air Defense


- Altus Air Force Base, Altus (16,000), Medium Bombardment, SAC

- Ardmore Air Force Base, Ardmore (27,542), Troop Carrier Base, TAC

- Enid Air Force Base, Enid

- Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City (325,352), Hq. AMA, AMC Air Freight Terminal

- Vance Air Force Base, Enid (35,976), Basic Multi-engine Pilot Training, ATC


- Klamath Falls Municipal Airport, Klamath Falls, Hq. 408th Ftr. Gp. ADC

- Portland International Airport, Portland (373,628), Fighter Base, WADF


- Greater Pittsburgh Airport, Coraopolis (676,806), Fighter Base, 54th Ftr. Gp. EADF, ADC

- Olmsted Air Force Base, Middletown (13,000), Hq. Middletown Air,Materiel Area AMC, Supply Maintenance and Procurement Base

South Carolina

- Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston (70,0000), Port of Embarkation-Transport MATS

- Donaldson Air Force Base, Greenville (58,161) HQ 18th AF and 63rd Transport Carrier Wing

- Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, Myrtle Beach (5,824), Fighter Base, TAC

- Shaw Air Force Base,(20,185), Tactical Reconnaissance Base, 9th AF, TAC

South Dakota

- Ellsworth Air Force Base, Rapid City (40,000), 28th Bombardment; Wing (H) 15th AF SAC

- Weaver Air Force Base, Rapid City


- Arnold Engineering Development Center, Tullahoma (15,000) ARDC

- McGee Tyson Air Force Base, Knoxville (124,769), Fighter Base, EADF, ADC

- Memphis Municipal Airport, Memphis, Air Reserves Flying Center

- Sewart Air Force Base, Smyrna (1,544), Troop Carrier Base, TAC (Base closed 1970). The base was originally Smyrna Air Base.


- Amarillo Air Force Base, Amarillo (130,000), Tech School, ATC

- Abilene Air Force Base, Abilene (65,000), 819th Air Division, SAC

- Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin (168,000), Fighter Base, 2nd AF, SAC

- Biggs Air Force Base, El Paso (130,485), Medium Bomber and Tow Target Base, 8th AF, SAC

- Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio (522,981), San Antonio Air Reserve Flying Center, 1706th Air Transport Group.; 1734th Air Transport Sq.

- Bryan Air Force Base, Bryan (28,000), Single Engine Jet Pilot Training School, ATC

- Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth (278,778) Hq. 19th Air Division, SAC.Heavy Bomber Base

- Edward Gary Air Force Base, San Marcos (9,980), USAF Helicopter Pilot and Mechanic School, Army Primary Pilot Training, Liason Helicopter Mechanic School, ATC

- Ellington Air Force Base, Houston (665,000), Observer Training School, ATC

- Foster Air Force Base, Victoria, Fighter-Bomber Wing Base, TAC

- Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo (57,500), Basic Pilot Training School, ATC

- Gray Air Force Base, Killeen (27,000), Special Activities Center, 2nd AF, SAC

- Harlingen Air Force Base, Harlingen (30,000), Aircraft Observer Training Base, ATC

- Hensley Field, Grand Prairie (near Dallas), Reserve Training Base, AF shares The base with Dallas Naval Air Station

- James Connally Air Force Base, Waco (116,918), Observer Training School, ATC. Hq. FTAF in Waco

- Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio (522,981), Hq. SAAMA, AMC., Foreign Clearing Station, MATS

- Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, (522,981)

(Air Training Command)

Known as the "gateway to the Air Force", the base has basic training for both male and female, Officers Military Schools, USAF which has pre-flight Cadet School and pre-flight Training Group (Officers), OCS, Recruiting Course, Language School for Allied Students, Officers Basic Military Course and General Instructors Course. Tenant organizations - 3504th USAF Recruiting Group, 741st AC&W Sq., and Air Force Personnel and Training Research Center

- Laredo Air Force Base, Laredo, Pilot Training (Basic Single Engine) ATC

- Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio (18,000), Basic Single Engine Pilot Training Base, FTAF, ATC

- Matagorda Island Bombing and Gunnery Range, Port O'Connor (4,711) Training Installation, SAC

- Perrin Air Force Base, Sherman (20,150), 3555th Combat Crew Combat Crew Training Wing, ATC

- Pyote Air Force Base, Pyote

- Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio (522,981), Hq. CTAF Combat Crew Training, ATC

- Reese Air Force Base, Lubbock (120,000), Pilot Training School, Basic Multi-engine, ATC

- Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls (110,000), Aircraft Maintenance School ATC

Webb Air Force Base, Big Spring (21,139), Basic Single Engine Pilot Training School (Jet) ATC


- Hill Air Force Base, Ogden (65,000), Hq. OOAMA, AMC

- Wendover Air Force Base, Wendover


- Langley Air Force Base, Hampton (77,800), Hq. TAC, 405th Fighter Bomber Wing, Jet Fighter Bomber and Jet Light Bomber Base


- Ethan Allen Air Force Base, Winooski, 14th Fighter Group (AD)


- Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane (178,000), Heavy Bomber Base, 15th AF, SAC; Spokane Supply Branch, AMC, 10th AAA Btn.(Army Anti-Aircraft)

- Geiger Field, Spokane (186,000), Fighter Interceptor Base, Hq. 9th Air Division, WADF, ADC, 84th Fighter Group. AD

- George Wright Air Force Base, Spokane

- McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma (154,000), ADC Base, MATS PAE Foreign Customs Clearing. Ft. Lewis and Madigan Army Hospital Adjoin.

- Larson Air Force Base, Moses Lake (10,000), Troop Carrier Base, 18th AF, TAC

- Paine Air Force Base, Everett (38, 849), Fighter-Interceptor Base WADF, ADC

- Spokane Air Force Base, Spokane


- Truax Field, Madison (98,550), 37th Air Division, 327th Fighter Gp. Fighter Interceptor Sqds


- Casper Air Force Base, Casper

- Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne (40,000), Fixed Wire Communications, Supply and Administrative, Utilities, and Automotive Schools, ATC.

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