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These photographs appear courtesy of John Pooler who was an AC&W operator in the ADCC of the 64th Air Division. Photos were taken in the blockhouse located at the White Hills area of Pepperrell Air Force Base shortly after AC&W personnel had vacated it.

Blockhouse operations had moved from the White Hills down to the main base in 1957. These operations were a key part of Fighter Interceptor Squadrons scrambling their F89Ds to intercept unidentified aircraft.

John Pooler seen in this photograph stands on the command dais overlooking the floor where radar operators and others tracked and plotted the movement of aircraft.

Some of the boards reflecting equipment status, interceptor status, and tactical actions existing or being carried out by the 64th Air Division.

Plotting boards of the horizontal type

One of the vertical plotting boards. Its background (shadow representing land masses) depicts NEAC and 64th Air Division's area of air surveilance.

The airman standing by this vertical plotting board is Joe Novak

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