Photos and narrative by Luis A. Atiles-Thillet, CMS (Ret.), Puerto Rico ANG.

I was a member of the 464th Tac Infirmary, Pope AFB, attached to the 4459th USAF Dispensary. I served as an A/1C, NCOIC Medical Labratory Technician (90450), from Dec 1954 to November 1957. I have some some photos of the base and medical personnel I would like to share with you. Still remember some names of servicemen: Donald Barnhart, Max Ogle, Dr. Theodore W. Mappus; Dr. Pennisi; Dr. Domenico, Medical Commander, Dr. Renzi; Dr Murray, Dr. John S. Stone, Medical Commander, A/3C Floyd Crocker; A/2C John W. Blagg, T/Sgt Billingsley, Dr. Morningstar; Miss Peggy Averitte (Civilian, Clerk typist, Flight Surgeon Office; Mrs. Kidd (Civilian Secretary), Mrs. Romano, nurse civilian, A/2C Ryan (killed in auto accident), and probably others.(Luis A. Atiles-Thillet)

Headquarters, 464th Troop Carrier Wing , Pope AFB, N.C.

Dental Clinic, Pope AFB, N.C. - This building also housed the Med Unit Commander Office and day room. New Dental clinic was built near aircraft operations area and this building was demolished

4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C. - At the basement, military as well as civilian patients were taken care of. There was the x-ray unit, the clinical Lab examination room, doctor's office, record room, nurse station and transportation section. First floor, pharmacy, flight surgeon office, Dispensary Commander office, Adjutant Officer office, emergency room and med admin section.

4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C.

A/2C Donald Barnhart, Med Lab Specialist (92050), 464th TAC Infirmary (TAC), Pope AFB, N.C. and attached to 4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C. (pipetting serum specimens)

Med Lab Sec, 4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C. (monocular miscrosope, small centrifuge, pipette shaking machine)

4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C. (rear side of building and tent pitching exercise)

A/1C Luis A. Atiles-Thillet, NCOIC Med LabSec, 4459th USAF Dispensary, Pope AFB, N.C. (AFSC 92450) - (Getting ready to fly a hop to Floyd Bennett Naval Air Base, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

There is a paved runway somewhere in the middle of the woods on the Ft. Bragg Reservation. The road that goes all the way from the 464th Troop Carrier Wing Headquarters, passes the Dental Clinic, the Dispensary, Fire Crash Station, curves around the active runway, and then passes the Maintenance hangars and Operations. That highway went straight to Sicily Drop Zone and to a little town known as Southern Pines (very beautiful). Before leaving the reservation and going into Southern Pines, many miles after, there was an intersection turning left leading to that runway.

We went to that place for 30 days on a Top Secret mission. As you probably know, North Korea hadn't signed the armistice with South Korea and U.S. Intelligence felt that there might have been the possibility that North Korea would launch another surprise attack against South Korea. So the 82nd Airborne Division started replacing the troops from Japan and flying back with fresh troops. We, the 464th Tac Infirmary, set up the unit and supported the mission with medical staff and ambulances in case of an emergency. (Luis A. Atiles-Thillet)

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