Bill Leitz

Counter clockwise - prone, facing camera; Junker, white sox; McReynolds, seated chair; Mileti, standing; Gervais, behind Junker is Meyer, seated left; Andrews, prone left front; Ridderman

This photo was taken at Joe Gervais' home in Omaha, Thanksgiving day 1953

Left to right; Meyer, Gervais, and Magee

This photo was taken Thanksgiving Day 1953

Left to right; McCarty(?) and Gervais

Gervais in front of barracks and orderly room with SAC - 30th Comm Sq. guidon

Tom Pierson (left) from Terre Haute, IN. and Howard Schuman (right) from St. Paul, MN. at Golden, CO. The photo appears to have been taken around 1951 at which time they were TDY from Offutt to teletype school at F. E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY.

Orren Olson (Telephone Plant Section) in new barracks 1952

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