This Photo contributed by Joe Gervais was obviously taken in the comm center on the hill in the early 1950s. Murl Ming has identified himself as the gentleman standing in the left rear with teletype tapes around his neck and in his hand. He identifies the person he is talking to as Wilfred (Bill) Leitz. At the keyboard and second from the right is Roy Peterson and second from the left is Eddie Haskell according to Leslie Magee. The person in the right foreground with a pencil over his right ear has been identified as Jack Herman. Can anyone identify others for us?

This is another photo contributed by Joe Gervais. I will try to identify the components of this comm center work station as I recall them. Help us of I am wrong on any point.

The unit looking like a clock on the teletype to the left, I dunno. The left teletype is a sending unit with keyboard and text printer. Directly below it is one gate for transmitting by either chad or chadless tape. The other gate is a tape gate used for encrypting classified messages.

The top upper middle unit, without keyboard, is an incoming teletype producing both a printed message and a chadless tape message. The unit below it is a tape gate used for decoding incoming classified messages.

I believe the upper right unit to produce incoming messages on chadless tape.

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