This page of photographs has been contributed by Murl Ming.

This photo of Murl was taken in 1951 while he was serving one of several years with the 30th Comm.

This photo of Michael Stafko was taken across the street from the 30th Comm barracks.

This photo of Bill Leitz was taken in the new airmen's barracks.

Bill Leitz polishing his car. Note fatigues, white socks, and snow on the ground

This photo of Vernon "Mole" Randall was taken on the east end of the building which housed the communications center.

This is a photo of Wally Dungan and his spouse in the Farnam St. area where they lived just west of downtown Omaha. Where is Wally now?

This unidentified airman sits on the steps in front of 30th Comm barracks. Who is he?

I believe the person in the center of this photo is Norm Grant. Does anyone have any idea who the others are?

Murl Ming is second from the left. Who are the others?

These airmen are unknown except for Murl Ming who stands on the right end.

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