This, the south gate, is located a short distance south of what was the old main gate on Highway 73/75 which appears to no longer be in use.

This is the bus on which we toured Offutt. The young lady, A M/Sgt, in front of the bus, was our tour guide. We were more familiar with the old part of the base than she was. We knew there was a generation gap when she referred to our old Guardhouse as the Confinement Facility

This photo of former 30th Comm men was taken in front of the old barracks and Orderly Room in Oct. 2006

Front row, left to right: Randy Becton, Melvin Boecklen, Joe Gervais, Jack Wheat, and Rod Sentman. Second row, left to right: Cy Brendza, Bill Leitz, Norm Grant, Hank Brame, and Jack Ridderman. Back row, left to right: Orren Olson, Fernie Garcia, Marv Cook, and Vern Sharrett

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