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About 1992, while scanning computer bulletin boards, I came across the subject "30th Communications Squadron". I responded to the inquiry and found myself in contact with Richard Greenlees, a former cryptographer, who had worked in the communications center at Offutt AFB in the early 1950s.  He soon had me in contact with Leslie Magee who had also been a cryptographer at that time.

It seems that, after more than 40 years, Richard had become curious about what had happened to all the friends from the 30th Comm, had remembered where Leslie was from, had called a telephone number, and sure enough, it was the same Leslie Magee. Together, they proceeded in attempting to locate all former members of the squadron and planning a reunion.

The first reunion was held in October 1993. This took place at Bellevue, Nebraska because everyone wanted to revisit Offutt.

Former members of the squadron, most from the early 1950s, in attendance were: William Benson, Norman Clevenstine, Randolph Becton, Ray Broussard, Joseph Gervais, Richard Lindauer, Bill Dougherty, Dick Greenlees, Ardell Mileti, Jack Ridderman, Lawrence LaSage, Eugene Meyer, Melvin Boecklen, Paul Brow, Grady Ayres, Henry Brame, Everett Chastain, Dan Harshman, Leslie Magee, Norm Grant, Dick McLaughlin, Roy Peterson, Albert Wheat, Robert Howard, and Bill Thomas.

The first squadron newsletter grew out of this reunion. The publication was undertaken by Leslie Magee who along with Richard Greenlees started planning the next reunion.

John LaHiff (USAF Retired) who had been with the 30th Communications Squadron from its inception and who had moved with it from Andrews Field, Md. to Offutt took over publication of the newsletter in late 1994.

The second reunion was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in October 1995. The following were in attendance: Richard Greenlees, Leslie Magee, Norm Grant, Allen Barningham, Paul Brow, Albert Wheat, William Dougherty, John LaHiff, William Condon, Randolph Becton, Robert Bell, Al Kolakowski, Joseph Gervais, Rodney Sentman, Orren Olson, Walter Truax, Melvin Boecklen, Melvin Long, Vernon Sharrett, Everett Chastain, Mayo Iverson, Gordon Tye, Wilbur DePauw, Jack Ridderman, Bill Benson, Ollie Enquist,  Denzell McCollum, and Clarence Shillings.

We met again in Bellevue, Nebraska in 1997. Those in Attendance were: Norm Grant, Albert Wheat, Rodney Sentman, Al kolakowski, Walt Truax, Norman Clevenstine, Vernon Sharrett, Melvin Boecklen, Richard McLaughlin, Joe Gervais, Don Flatgard, Orren Olson, Leslie Magee, Gordon Tye, Robert Schoon, William Condon, John LaHiff, Ardell Mileti, Bill Dougherty, Richard Greenlees, Roy Peterson, Everett Chastain, Randolph Becton, Denzil McCollum, Dale Feenstra, Ivan Hull, and Maynard Krzycki.

The 1999 reunion was held October 6, 1999 at the Best Western Oak Hills in San Antonio, Texas. New attendees were: Marvin Cook, San Antonio, TX.; Jim Fairley, San Antonio, TX.; and John Hunt, Scheller, IL.

The 2001 reunion was held October 10 through October 14, 2001 and took place at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees were: Rod Sentman and Bea, William and Geri Dougherty, Vern and Roni Sharrett, Randolph and Cornelia Becton, Joe and Dee Gervais, Orren and Alice Olson, Art and Elvira Miletti, and John and Mary LaHiff.

It is reported that a great time was had by all in attendance and that plans have commenced for the 2003 reunion which is to be held in Washington, D.C.

The 2003 reunion planned for Washington, DC was cancelled.

The 2004 reunion was held in the Super 8 at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 14-16, 2004. Attendees were: Joe and Dee Jervais, Ray and Marie Broussard, Harold and Doris Kramer, Millard and Connie Tatum, Orren and Alice Olson, Randy and Cornelia Becton, Rod Sentman and friend Shirley, Mel and Pauline Boecklen, Vern and Roni Sharrett, John and Mary LaHiff and Cy and Mary Brendza.

The 30th Communications Squadron 2006 reunion was held at Omaha, NE. October 12 to 15.

In attendance were: Donald Alexander (Sponsor) and Wife Kathy. Don is a retired T/SGT and works for the Offutt Base Hospital.

Randolph & Cornelia Becton

Melvin & Pauline Boecklen

Henry Brame

Cy & Mary Brendza

Marvin & Phyllis Cook

Cheryl Budington (Marvin Cook's daughter)

Keneth Utterback (Cheryl Budington's husband)

Gerri Dougherty (Widow of Bill)

Fernando Garcia

Joe & Dee Gervais

Natalie Chase - Joe Gervais' niece, stationed at Offutt as a weather reporter.

Norm & Pat Grant

Wilfred Leitz

Leslie Magee

Orren & Alice Olson

Jack & Gena Ridderman

Rodney & Shirley Sentman

Vernon & Roni Sharrett

Albert & Myrlene Wheat

The 2008 reunion scheduled for Tampa, Florida was cancelled.

John LaHiff continues to publish the newsletter, track membership, locate former squadron members, etc.

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